#WeFollow – @Cole_Younger_

With the Easter break, I have been a little-occupied eating chocolate and then going to the gym to undo the chocolate eating! So that means #WeFollow has taken a little break as well, but now it’s back, with one of the best entries so far. This week we take a look at @Cole_Younger_ the Los Angeles based photographer, but while listening to a podcast by W.A.N.T.S Worldwide and delving further into his story, with The Ground Up Show. I recently learnt a lot more about. The images that he creates are powerful, but the story behind him finding that calling is even more powerful.

Name / Handle

Cole Younger / @Cole_Younger_

What Does Their Bio Say?

Los Angeles Youngerphotog@gmail.com

What To Expect When You Follow?


Sometimes you find your calling and sometimes your calling finds you. You fall into it and it brings out a talent that you didn’t even know you had. This is what happened to Cole Younger, as his journey into becoming a photographer and almost 300,000 people following his Instagram was not a smooth ride. Cole was born into a life surrounded by drugs, sex, crime and violence that led him down the same path. Cole started life addicted to heroin, and it was not long before Cole himself was behind bars (multiple times) for selling drugs. It became a twist of fate, that changed his life when Cole tried to avoid a long stay in prison by entering a rehab centre. This led to Cole meeting people that put in the effort to make him see a new direction, pick up an iPhone 4 and answering his calling as a photographer.

When you start following Cole (and you should start following), you will see how his personal story comes out through his photography. His imagery is what Kanye would call “beautiful dark”, with each image encased in dark tones that help to bring the depth out of each photo. As an LA based photographer, you expect to see the generic LA shots and some of them are there, but Cole wouldn’t be Cole if he just captured that. Cole captures the Training Day of Los Angeles, the real gritty and dirty sides of LA that isn’t picture perfect. The side streets, the homeless, the gun crime, the police, the fires, the realities of life is not just LA but the World. With every image comes the power to know you can change your life and there is beauty in even the darkest moment.

Some of Our Favourite Photos



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