#WeFollow – @Erik.Forsgren

This week on #WeFollow we are taking a look at one of the newest and coolest Dad’s on Instagram, Erik Forsgren. One of his recent posts, which showed exactly how you walk into Fatherhood with style is exactly what made it his time to be featured on #WeFollow. With nearly 300K followers it’s clear that GOODLAD is not the only ones to appreciate his style on Instagram, so let’s give you more detail on what you can expect to see when you follow.

Name / Handle

Erik Forsgren / @Erik.Forsgren

What Does Their Bio Say?

Erik Forsgren 🖋 Menswear & Travel – Content Creator ✉️ Contact@TheNorthernMan.se 💻 Website TheNorthernMan.se

What To Expect When You Follow?

You can expect good travel, good style and good food, not sure what more you can want from Erik? This man literally personifies the term GOODLAD. Originally from Sweden (Östersund), Erik utilises his blog The Northern Man to showcase further details on his outfits and travel experiences. Although the majority of the blog posts focus on a photojournalism style of reporting, keeping the written content to a minimum it does give us further insight to some great photography content.

When you scroll through his Instagram page you get the chance to see the world through Erik’s eyes, barely staying in the same place for more than 9 squares. Though things have changed dramatically for the 31-year-old with the introduction of his and his partner’s (Victoria Törnegren) first child earlier in March, it doesn’t look like Erik’s content has slowed for a second. If you can’t take out your first born child out for a walk, in an all black pram while wearing an all-black outfit, then are you really a GOODLAD?

Some of Our Favourite Photos



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