#WeFollow – @Mbkimchi

So, every week, we take a look at some of the Instagram pages that #WeFollow to go a little deeper on the people or pages that we get some of the pictures you see on our Instagram. With just over 17K followers, @mbkimchi isn’t the highest profile person in the #WeFollow section, but don’t let that fool you. Some of the photos on this page are definitely worth the follow, and that 17K will soon be on the rise.

Name / Handle

Matthew Kim / @mbkimchi

What Does Their Bio Say?

MATTHEW KIM 📍 // new york, new york. 🤠 // former houstonian + austinite. 📱 // usually below 20% battery life.

What To Expect When You Follow?

Another New York native, Matthew Kim, like @Mressentialist captures the world around him with a mixture of landscape and foodie shots that capture the minor details,  stunning views and even better foods of New York. With his reviews and details on the brunch and coffee spots that he visits on a daily basis, Matthew helps guide you through New York with some great recommendations of where to hit up for your coffee fix. Alongside the brunch spots, Matthew peppers his page with the iconic brownstones of New York, making each one look just as good and recognisable as any of the films you will have seen them from.  @mbkimchi may not be the most followed profile on Instagram, but his shots definitely get a follow from us and should get one from you too.

Some of Our Favourite Photos




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