#WeFollow – @Pixelville

We wanted to share with you some of the Instagram pages that capture our attention, so that’s why we came up with the weekly post #WeFollow. Where we go a little deeper into what we love about the page and on occasion get them to answer a few questions as well.

To start the weekly feature we thought that we needed to start it off strong and so the first page we chose to highlight on the #WeFollow, is travel photographer – @Pixelville

Name / Handle

Jumana Jolie / @pixelville

What Does Their Bio Say?

Rio🇧🇷 (Jan 31-Feb 18)📍 📸🎬 DM for shoots

What To Expect When You Follow?

A photographer, based in Dubai, Pixelville captures the world around her, and she does that to unbelievable effect. Throughout her 291 posts you will get the chance to see cities from some beautiful angles and in ways, you can only imagine capturing. With her focus on aerial shots, if you have ever wanted to own a drone or to climb to the tallest building, don’t expect this page to do anything but inspire you to do exactly that.

Some of Our Favourite Photos


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