Dr Dre’s “Detox” May Be Alive

Dr Dre Detox

16 years on and the rumours of Dr Dre releasing a follow up to 2001 won’t go away.

On Tuesday Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine were at the Golden State Warriors practice when Dre was spoken to by ESPN reporter.  Chris Haynes asked if Detox was ever going to surface and he received the response – “I’m working on a couple songs right now. We’ll see.”

Now, this definitely isn’t concrete evidence the album is on it’s way, especially considering this album once had a release date and had stores running pre-orders (it’s so old people even bought CDs). But is still something of a backtrack on his previous position on Detox.

As when asked about the album on the HBO series The Defiant Ones, it was clear he felt “no connection” to the album and he was “never gonna do that again.” Though after recently producing a few tracks on Eminem’s Revival, maybe it is time for a revival of Detox.

We’ll keep you up to date if there is any more news on Detox.