“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” – Review

After waiting two years, we finally have the follow up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but was it worth the wait?After seeing The Last Jedi, we wanted to put together our review of the latest entry into the Star Wars saga. This review is going to stay away from any direct spoilers – BUT you may guess to the story based on some of this review. So if you haven’t seen it and are sensitive to the force, perhaps give it a watch first.

So? Was it? Was it worth the wait? The very simple answer to that question is yes. It was definitely worth the wait and is a worthy entry into the Star Wars saga. There are parts of this film that could make it the best entry into that saga. Some people will agree while some die-hard fans will strongly disagree and we can understand both sides of the coin.

Firstly the good, and especially for the non-die hard Star Wars fans, the casual “yeah I like Star Wars” that are among us. This is a great action and adventure film, that encapsulates everything that is good about this genre while not falling foul of some of the previous Star Wars (poor dialogue, overacting, unneeded characters just to show off CGI, etc.).

There are several storylines that weave in and out of the central plot, with the characters established in The Force Awakens now getting their own subplots. The risk to this in any film is at times the subplots detract from the main story and can get boring (many films fall into this trap). But there is enough strength in these subplots and the characters that drive them, that they help to bring life to the entire film and building the Star Wars saga as a whole.

As a Star Wars fan, there are some amazing scenes that bring back the nostalgia of the original films and yet stand alone in this new trilogy to make you feel like you are watching something entirely new. Which is really the magic of this new trilogy and also why some fans disagree with these films being as good as others may think they are.

In essence, once you strip them back these first two films have been a remake of the original Star Wars films (4, 5, 6). The Force Awakens was a clear reshaping of New Hope and now we have The Last Jedi which is a clear reshaping of the Empire Strikes Back. Though somehow, even when knowing this, it still works. Even while realising Disney are manipulating us to let them build a new Star Wars canon so that they can keep creating new films and replicate the Marvel Cinematic Universe – It still works.

What we are seeing now, is Disney rebooting, without rebooting, giving us what we love while tearing it down and reshaping it in their own vision. It is even clearly hinted in the film itself by Kylo Ren – “Let the past die, kill it if you have to” – and that is what they are doing. That is why if you head into this film expecting clear answers to the big The Force Awakens questions or truly expecting these films to be a fully contained trilogy. You may be disappointed.

George Lucas didn’t realise what he was creating when he made the original Star Wars trilogy; yes he had an idea there was more story to it. But he had no idea it would become the juggernaut it became. Disney knows what they have now and they are building on that to create a Star Wars Universe. But unlike Marvel, there is much less story and characters to work with, so right now they are breaking from the shackles of the original trilogy and bringing to life a new one.

But will this new Star Wars Universe, this ‘galaxy’ that was created just from three films, be worth the wait? We have hope…



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