Netflix Announces Jessica Jones Return

Netflix releases the first look at the second season of Jessica Jones and lets us know we only need to wait three short months. It seems a long time since Jessica Jones had her last solo outing, since then we have had another season of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders, but now she’s finally back.

The original season of Jessica Jones was in some ways a shock to the comic book genre. Although we expected more than just a throwaway TV series after watching Daredevil on Netflix. We didn’t expect a comic book show that would handle true life topics such as violent relationships and substance abuse, in such a well thought out, thought-provoking manner. But Jessica Jones did just that.

So it will be good to see how they grow from that and develop the Jessica Jones character – who was a great part of The Defenders. We will also see the first time Marvel Netflix develop their universe after The Punisher avoided the story arc of our four heroes.

You can watch the trailer below and Jessica Jones is ready to binge on 8th March 2018.


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