Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Partner Up For “Bright”

Bright, the Netflix original feature with a reported budget of $90 million gets a second trailer. Set in a world mixed with reality and fantasy, where you have humans living alongside elves and orcs. With an orc being exactly what Joel Edgerton plays, as the first one to make it onto the LAPD, getting Will Smith (a human) as his partner.

In the trailer, we get another glimpse into what we can expect in December, with the dysfunctional pair thrown together in a battle to protect an elf’s magic wand. The trailer noticeably feels like End of Watch (also directed by David Ayer), though with the gangs and story coming from Lord of the Rings.

After the success, of the last time, Ayer and Smith worked together on Suicide Squad and with the budget that has been thrown behind Bright, you can expect good things from the action thriller when it arrives to Netflix on 22nd December