Fabien Baron Gives 5 Secrets To Success

Fabien Baron spoke to Business of Fashion to give his secrets to success. The article is primarily designed to look at success as an Art Director, though as we read through, we saw that the same points can be applied to any industry.

If you don’t know who Fabien Baron is; with the help of his agency Baron & Baron, he has helped shape the way we look at fashion for over the past 25 years. He has created some of the most iconic fashion campaigns and advertising for brands such as Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and a lot more.

Within the article, Fabien Baron goes into more detail about each of the five points and gives reasons on how they link to his agency and working in the industry as an Art Director. Though you can look below at the points without his explanations:

  1. Have an opinion, develop a point of view
  2. Focus on the client’s needs*
  3. Embrace trial and error, new challenges
  4. Don’t let specific skills box in your career
  5. Keep learning

As you read through the list and if you look at the word in point number two as interchangeable from “the client”  to ‘the customer’ or ‘partner’ or even ‘yourself’. Baron’s list for success can easily speak to so much more than just budding Art Directors. These five points are all key things we all need to be mindful when developing within an industry and even with even self-development.

Check out the article over at Business of Fashion and think through how it can be applied to your current situation.



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