Karlie Kloss Visits adidas’ Brooklyn Creator Farm

After the ‘secret’ creative hub was recently revealed in Business Insider, Karlie Kloss now takes us around to get a real insight into adidas’ Brooklyn Creator Farm. As the latest video for her YouTube series, Klossy, the Victoria Secret model takes a walk through the warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The location has been described as designing the future, with Karlie noting that some items won’t even be available until 2020. As you will see, some shots are even blurred out as they are unable to reveal some of the top secret items that are being worked on by the adidas creative team.

Karlie gets the chance to design her own apparel making some perfect fitting leggings, that are designed to fit the 6’2″ model and a pair of Stan Smith sneakers during her tour. With the short episode giving a better insight into what goes on at “The Farm” and an understanding of the way the designers are thinking about the future products right now.

Have a watch of the video and hear what the adidas┬áteam in Brooklyn have to say about the “Disneyland for designers”.



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