James Bond is Back, November 2019

After filming his fourth James Bond film, Spectre, Daniel Craig said he would choose death over reprising the role. Though after the media searched for a successor to the James Bond throne, with names like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston all put against the famous MI6 agent. It seems that the studio kept their gun sight, fixed on one man.

That man was Daniel Craig and it is now widely reported, that man Daniel Craig is set to star in his fifth James Bond film. From the rumours that surround this deal, it seems that money was what made Daniel Craig change his mind. With a figure of around £110 million reportedly being put in front of the actor to persuade him to report back to M.

Although the studio or actor haven’t confirmed his involvement, it is confirmed that the film is set to release in November 2019. So we have a little bit of a wait, but after the mixed reviews given to Spectre and with this being the 25th (official) James Bond film, we can only hope that it won’t disappoint.

Let us know what you think of Daniel Craig being back on board and if you wanted to see another actor become the famous British spy.


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