Heron Preston

Heron Preston On HYPEBEAST Radio

Head over to HYPEBEAST Radio to listen to the 8th episode and hear how Heron Preston went from creating blogs to creating fashion. Heron Preston, in a similar mould to ex-Team Kanye and friend, Virgil Abloh, is a fashion designer, DJ and all round creative. With working for Nike, working with Kanye and a host of other notable experiences (including Mexican restaurants) on his resume, Heron has a lot a to talk about in the hour long episode.

Heron Preston’s beginnings come from creating a blog when moving to New York for college, showcasing his life at the time. He used that platform and others to give himself a voice and creating connections with other creative peers such as Virgil. Through building those connections and showcasing his passions through his blog it led to creating Heron Preston the brand.

The conversation turns to Heron’s thoughts on others starting out and although the digital market place is much more crowded than it was when Heron started, his message is to “write your own story” and “believe in your ideas”. Talking on moving on from Nike without any safety net, but having the confidence and believing in himself enough to know that he would make everything work out.

Check a quick montage of the show below and head over to HYPEBEAST for the full show.



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