Mayweather vs McGregor; “The Great White Hype”

Back in 1996 there was a film called The Great White Hype and now it seems fiction has become reality. After Showtime released the first promotional video for the eagerly awaited fight of Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, it brought back memories of the 1996 film starring Samuel L. Jackson, Daman Wayans and Jamie Foxx.

So here is the story of The Great White Hype. Wayans stars as an unbeaten and arrogant boxer that is going through the division without anyone bringing a real challenge. People have grown bored of watching him fight and win with ease. So his boxing promoter (Sam Jackson) decides to create a challenge for him that people will get behind, an Irish fighter that although a fighter, is a little out of his depth. Any of this sound familiar?

We will find out on 26th August if this story will end the same, but for now watch the first promotional video for Mayweather vs McGregor and let’s all get aboard the hype train.


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