Diddy Talks Sneakers, Biggie, Women and Weed

Diddy hooked up with Complex’s Sneaker Shopping for a trip to Stadium Goods. One of our favourite YouTube shows, Sneaker Shopping brings out the stars to discuss their style, sneakers and a little snippet into their life. This time it was the turn of hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs to talk with Joe La Puma and buy some sneakers.

Diddy talks never wearing the same pair twice and especially in the early days buying 20 pairs at a time before going on the road. Biggie is brought into the conversation and Diddy makes it clear that Biggie was never a sneakerhead, with women and weed being his thing.

Diddy has currently got the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop documentary out and is on the show driving hype for that. With the Apple Music documentary looks at the growth of Bad Boy and the conversation in Sneaker Shopping touching on Diddy’s work ethic to make Bad Boy possible.

Have a look at the video below, and also watch out for the potential Notorious BIG collaborations on the way with Gucci and Jordan Brand mentioned as possible collaborators.


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