Basecamp; Get Your Applications Ready

The Chicago-based company Basecamp is becoming known for some of the best employment perks in the US and probably the World. 

So where should we start? Does your current employer provide you with $5,000 (£3,840) to go on holiday with? Does your current employer allow you to work 4-day weeks throughout Summer? No? We thought not and this is why employees don’t leave Basecamp very often.

It’s hard for many employers to see the true value of perks and so very often they are given as seldom rewards for a ‘job well done’. Though Basecamp sees this perks as part of the job, as enjoying your job, is part of enjoying your life and everyone should enjoy their life. That’s not a question.

With smartphones connecting us to everything, we feel we should always be on and in fact, many of us never leave work. Some of us check work e-mails in the middle of the night. Then respond to them. But the CEO of Basecamp, Kevin Fried doesn’t want it to be that way and as he told Business Insider the employees and employers should, “Go enjoy the weather, go enjoy the weekend, go on vacation. It’s really about distancing yourself from this trend of being always on, always working.”

Check the original article at Business Insider and get your applications to Basecamp in here.



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