Skepta British Fashion Awards

Skepta Steps Into The Fashion World

Skepta, ‘The King of the Tracksuit Mafia’ has revealed his own clothing line, Mains.
With his first Instagram post in a month, Skepta showcased the first piece from the collection and let us know that we can expect it on 26th June.

Skepta has been hinting towards the launch of Mains for quite some time. The first outfit from the collection was actually worn by Skepta back in December 2016 and his social media posts since then have been littered with references to Mains.

Now we have the first outfit, what can we expect? Well, a tracksuit of course! The olive green number is modelled by both male and female on his posts and the website Mains. So the range is likely to appeal to both sexes and add to the streetwear movement of unisex clothing.

Not much else is known, such as the price we can expect from the range. It will be great to see if Skepta sticks to his thought process in Highsnobiety on giving young people from his area something they can afford, by someone they can aspire to replicate.

Check out the Mains tracksuit below and we will know more soon.



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