Sports, Music and Business Meet at ESPN’s “The Shop”

ESPN bring Lebron James, Draymond Green, 2 Chainz, Steve Stoute and more, together in New Orleans for haircuts, wine and cigars.Hosted by Beats by Dre and produced by UNINTERRUPTED during the All-Star weekend in a New Orleans barbershop, the show sees the group sit down and talk openly about a number of subjects.

Premiered before Game 4 of the NBA Finals, the 30-minute video,¬†The Shop sees the group talk basketball, business, music, leaders, Olympics, knowing your role and a lot more. It’s great to see rivals like Lebron and Draymond, talk about the 2016 NBA Finals and even praise one another (which we all know they won’t be doing during 2017 NBA Finals).

After watching this, we’re definitely hoping that ESPN and UNINTERRUPTED have more on the way and bring other stars together in the same format. Make sure to give the first episode a watch below.


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