Draymond Green “It’s My Fault” We Lost 2016 NBA Finals

A year on from the Golden State Warriors blowing a 3 – 1 lead against the Cavaliers, Draymond Green talks to ESPN about taking the blame for last year. As the team’s face-off again in 2017, ESPN takes a look back at last year and talk to Draymond Green (and his Mum) about being suspended in Game 5 of the series.

Green was the backbone of a talented Warriors team last year and it was clear his (some say, unwarranted) suspension had a major affect on the team. Many thought his return in Game 6 would bring the Warriors the victory, but the detrimental effect against the Warriors was too big to overcome. Cavs would go on to win the series 4 – 3.

Although Draymond Green admits it his fault, he does say he would do it again. So, although he understands the consequences, he still feels the disrespect shown by Lebron James was too big to ignore. We can only wait and see if Green has grown up for the 2017 NBA Finals or if he will let his ego get the better of him.


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