Tom Hardy As Venom *Sigh*

Everyone seems really happy that Tom Hardy is going to play Venom / Eddie Brock. Except me.

As someone that has seen nearly every Tom Hardy film, I can say without question he is one of the best actors of our generation. So I don’t doubt that he will play Venom, better than 99% of the actors out there could. But the issue is, there are other franchise characters, and especially Marvel characters I would rather see him play and with this, it ruins that. *Sigh*

Those characters are Wolverine and James Bond. Though becoming another franchise character, and becoming part of another reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, makes that hard or even impossible. *Sigh*

Wolverine is out, that won’t happen after this. Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine on screen forever, and for someone to step into his shoes was always going to be tough. But with the direction Logan took, Tom Hardy would have fit well into that character. Though this will be a dream that is never realised now. *Sigh*

Then we have James Bond. We know Bond will return for a 25th outing, but we don’t who will direct and we don’t know if Daniel Craig will be back. Though could you imagine Christopher Nolan to direct and Tom Hardy as Bond. I can imagine that, and I imagine it to be the best Bond ever. But will Tom Hardy (or the respective studios) want him to be playing two franchise characters at the same time, probably not. This one is not dead, but it does mean we will have to wait, and I don’t want to wait. It is a film that would give the character an epic that would outdo where Daniel Craig has taken him over the past few years. But we will have to wait, and keep dreaming. *Sigh*

Venom is to be released in late 2018, and Tom Hardy will play the title character, Venom. *Sigh*.


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