Gigi Hadid X Zayn Malik

Highsnobiety On Model Influence

Highsnobiety have looked into what makes the modern supermodel, just so super and how social media influence is changing the fashion industry.

With the rise and rise (and rise) of social media in the past few years, especially platforms like Instagram, the way the consumer is influenced has and is changing. The article looks at how the rules of being a fashion model have changed from the days of Kate, Claudia and Naomi. The original supermodels weren’t selected for a campaign based on the number of followers they have on Instagram.

Highsnobiety have worked with Dash Hudson to real drill into who the most influential models really are, giving us the real numbers behind the photos on Instagram. As you can imagine the article talks a lot about the Jenners, but it also gives insight into the models and other social media stars on the come up.

Just click the link if you want to have a read of the FULL ARTICLE and you can have a look at who is currently influencing the next top you buy.


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