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They say that women from Lebanese heritage are some of the best looking women in the world. They also say that women that are “part tomboy, part party girl” are also the best. So this week on #WeFollow and you are in for an absolute delight of a woman, as we take a look at Naila Nazer (she just goes by Naila). The woman that looks just as good jumping out of a plane as she does on nights out in Los Angeles.

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Naila Nazer / @Naila

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N A I L A 🐯 Raw storyteller & skydiver 🌎 NEW EPISODE OF “LIFE” – watch me drive a Ferrari on a track ( up on my channel👇🏾) youtu.be/FispZp92hgQ

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Currently living in the UK, Naila does not like to stay in the same place for very long. Born to mixed heritage Lebanese parents (Mother part Ghanian and Father part American), Naila was already global the day she was born. Starting life in Germany and then proceeding to live in Dubai, LA and UK, just to name a few. This love for travel is what got her started in blogging, mixing her desire to be in the fashion and modelling industry with her love for travelling all over the world. After not breaking straight into modelling, shoots started to come and sharing those shoots grew her Instagram account to having well over 300K followers, watching Naila’s travels in a variety of outfits.

So she has the travelling the World and looking good party part down, but what about the tomboy part of her, where does that come in? As you scroll through, mixed in with the bikini photos it’s clear that Naila has that adrenaline junkie vibe running through her veins. That adventure side comes in the form of her jumping out of planes, on dune buggies in the desert, on a dirt bike in Thailand or racing sports cars in Dubai with her boyfriend Oliver Webb.  When you start following Naila, you will realise she has redefined what they say, they now say there is nothing better than a Lebanese woman that’s part tomboy.

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Denzel Equals the Score

Denzel has been a chameleon throughout his career ranging from reverends, drunken pilots, dirty cops, coaches, convict fathers, boxers, civil rights heroes and the list goes on. Then one day he made a film called Man on Fire where he played an ageing bodyguard that was brought back to life by the girl he protected. Then when she was taken, he went on an unstoppable violent rampage against anyone that was involved in her kidnapping. Denzel was Liam Neeson in Taken before Liam Neeson was in Taken.

The film was a hit, some see it is there favourite Denzel film and for a newer generation of Denzel fans, “Creasy bear” is how they see him. So from Man on Fire was born the unstoppable Denzel, the one who has lived a full life where he has learnt skills that if crossed make him a killing machine. The Book of Eli, Safe House, 2 Guns, The Magnificent Seven, The Equalizer and now The Equalizer 2.

The Equalizer 2 releases in July and the trailer shows that we can expect more of the same from Denzel. Antoine Fuqua is back to direct, with the two hooking up on yet another film after starting to work together way back in 2001 with Training Day. This film is unlikely to match up to the magic of Man on Fire, but it doesn’t have to. Denzel plays the ageing assassin very well, he plays it as a man that has seen it all and is calm throughout. If we didn’t know any better, you would think he wasn’t even acting.

Check out the trailer below and then go and see it in July…

#WeFollow – @Cole_Younger_

With the Easter break, I have been a little-occupied eating chocolate and then going to the gym to undo the chocolate eating! So that means #WeFollow has taken a little break as well, but now it’s back, with one of the best entries so far. This week we take a look at @Cole_Younger_ the Los Angeles based photographer, but while listening to a podcast by W.A.N.T.S Worldwide and delving further into his story, with The Ground Up Show. I recently learnt a lot more about. The images that he creates are powerful, but the story behind him finding that calling is even more powerful.

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Cole Younger / @Cole_Younger_

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Los Angeles Youngerphotog@gmail.com

What To Expect When You Follow?


Sometimes you find your calling and sometimes your calling finds you. You fall into it and it brings out a talent that you didn’t even know you had. This is what happened to Cole Younger, as his journey into becoming a photographer and almost 300,000 people following his Instagram was not a smooth ride. Cole was born into a life surrounded by drugs, sex, crime and violence that led him down the same path. Cole started life addicted to heroin, and it was not long before Cole himself was behind bars (multiple times) for selling drugs. It became a twist of fate, that changed his life when Cole tried to avoid a long stay in prison by entering a rehab centre. This led to Cole meeting people that put in the effort to make him see a new direction, pick up an iPhone 4 and answering his calling as a photographer.

When you start following Cole (and you should start following), you will see how his personal story comes out through his photography. His imagery is what Kanye would call “beautiful dark”, with each image encased in dark tones that help to bring the depth out of each photo. As an LA based photographer, you expect to see the generic LA shots and some of them are there, but Cole wouldn’t be Cole if he just captured that. Cole captures the Training Day of Los Angeles, the real gritty and dirty sides of LA that isn’t picture perfect. The side streets, the homeless, the gun crime, the police, the fires, the realities of life is not just LA but the World. With every image comes the power to know you can change your life and there is beauty in even the darkest moment.

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GOODLAD EATS – Padella Is Life

Since moving to London I had been hearing about Padella. The place that doesn’t take reservations. The place you have to queue for a seat. The place you could be waiting for over 30 minutes to get in. The place the pasta is amazing and the place, that for pasta that good, you queue.

So when my girlfriend said that a few of her girls and their boyfriends were heading there, I was up for giving it a try. But it seemed the rest of the boyfriends weren’t up for pasta as much as me. Suddenly the couples night turned into a girls night and I was the last man standing.

I was now in for a dinner filled with talk about engagements, weddings, baby planning, new homes and no chance of talking about predictions for the Premier League results for that weekend. So here was to hoping that this pasta was as good as I had heard.

Padella is the second venture from Jordan Frieda and Tim Siadatan that owns Trullo over in Islington. Though whereas Trullo, another Italian offering, has a menu and venue designed for a longer stay. Padella is all about simple fresh pasta dishes, that don’t take long to bring to the table or to eat.

It is this method that allows for seating to be on a first come, first served basis. We arrived at 5.10pm and there were already queues (the venue opens at 5pm). I hate queuing, probably more than anything, but I also love pasta. So I stood in the queue.

Luckily the queue wasn’t that long and we were inside, taken downstairs to a table for six. That’s five women and one male (me). Which, in the land of teenage fantasies, sounds great, but in the land of 30+ realities, it meant wedding talk.

So as they talked weddings, I tried to narrow down what to order off a menu where I wanted it all. I was unable to choose just one but instead convinced my girlfriend to share some Gnocchi, while I went for “Pappardelle with 8 hour Dexter beef shin ragu” as the main dish.

As the food arrived, my conversation had been limited to ordering what I wanted and keeping my mouth busy with the bread and burrata. Though now was my chance, to say even less and eat the plates of pasta laid out in front of me. This dinner had started to become a teenage fantasy.

I started on the Gnocchi. This was the side dish, but I like to pleasure delay. So the main could wait a little longer and it was a very good start. This plate was the definition of brilliance in simplicity. Why do you need to overpower the taste of great pasta, with more than simple nutmeg butter? The answer is, you don’t.

“Pappardelle with 8 hour Dexter beef shin ragu” tasted as good as it sounded. Every piece of pasta tasted better than the last. The slow-cooked beef ragu clung to the folding bands of pasta, adding a powerful flavour to pasta that would have tasted great with just parmesan.

While I concentrated on Dexter beef, the conversation circled around engagement, proposals, wedding plans, but suddenly this really became the thing of teenage fantasies. Forks start getting put down, they start saying they can’t eat anymore, they start offering up the rest of it to the only male at the table! That’s ME!

This meant getting a taste of the “Pici cacio & pepe”, the Tuscan dish also known as a Posh Mac N Cheese. A little bit different from my Mother’s Mac & Cheese, it was still just as good as her homemade delight! I also got to taste the Tagliarini and discovered that any type of pasta Padella wants to do, they do it well! If pasta is life, Padella is the life giver!

We couldn’t finish this trip to Italy in Borough Market without giving my sweet tooth something. So we went for both the Salted caramel ice cream and Chocolate tart to share. At £4 for each dessert, buying two is almost like buying one at most London restaurants. So when you mix the ice cream with the tart, you feel like you are getting a great deal. If pasta gave life, then the dessert killed you and sent you to heaven.

The conversation that Friday was not what every man would want, but the pasta was. So if your girlfriend ever invites you on a girls night to Padella, you go and keep your fingers crossed they let you sit in silence and eat their unfinished plates of pasta!

#WeFollow – @Erik.Forsgren

This week on #WeFollow we are taking a look at one of the newest and coolest Dad’s on Instagram, Erik Forsgren. One of his recent posts, which showed exactly how you walk into Fatherhood with style is exactly what made it his time to be featured on #WeFollow. With nearly 300K followers it’s clear that GOODLAD is not the only ones to appreciate his style on Instagram, so let’s give you more detail on what you can expect to see when you follow.

Name / Handle

Erik Forsgren / @Erik.Forsgren

What Does Their Bio Say?

Erik Forsgren 🖋 Menswear & Travel – Content Creator ✉️ Contact@TheNorthernMan.se 💻 Website TheNorthernMan.se

What To Expect When You Follow?

You can expect good travel, good style and good food, not sure what more you can want from Erik? This man literally personifies the term GOODLAD. Originally from Sweden (Östersund), Erik utilises his blog The Northern Man to showcase further details on his outfits and travel experiences. Although the majority of the blog posts focus on a photojournalism style of reporting, keeping the written content to a minimum it does give us further insight to some great photography content.

When you scroll through his Instagram page you get the chance to see the world through Erik’s eyes, barely staying in the same place for more than 9 squares. Though things have changed dramatically for the 31-year-old with the introduction of his and his partner’s (Victoria Törnegren) first child earlier in March, it doesn’t look like Erik’s content has slowed for a second. If you can’t take out your first born child out for a walk, in an all black pram while wearing an all-black outfit, then are you really a GOODLAD?

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GoodLad Eats – We Came For Mimosas

Not one to miss a good deal, after spotting, Passo, in the east end of London was doing a weekend of free mimosas, the girlfriend and I jumped at the chance. We booked in a table for 3pm, so that we didn’t start too early on the mimosas. Then the two of us headed out through the mid-March snowstorm over to Old Street station.

When we arrived it seemed the snow had stopped people from venturing out, as the stylish restaurant wasn’t the busiest. The spacious design has been done to accommodate walk-ins and Passo prides itself on always finding you a seat, unlike most London restaurants. Although there were several tables taken, the size of the venue, spaciously spread out, has the danger of always looking quiet.

After spending time in Dubai, the home of bottomless brunches, I am well aware that attending a brunch while it is quiet is the secret to a good brunch. The fewer people there are, the more attention (and alcohol) you receive. So when I saw it a little quieter, I had no complaints.

While looking through the menu, we had our first mimosa brought to us. We had expected to be reading the brunch menu, the photos of shakshuka, had been what sold us on Passo. Though leaving our booking until 3pm and thinking the venue was quiet all day due to the snow, was a mistake. As the brunch menu had been forced to change to the à la carte menu, after selling out the brunch menu.

Not ones to be phased by this, we ordered the Passo bread and another mimosa, you know, to drown the sorrows of no shakshuka. After this, we were ready to order, with some assistance from the extremely helpful and attentive Passo staff. Explaining that the “Vegetables”, like the “Small Plates”, were served as a starter we went with burrata and the BBQ cauliflower, with a mimosa.

Cauliflower is not the first thing I would have thrown on a BBQ, but Passo has changed my opinion. The burrata with zucchini chips was the perfect balance of salty crunch with the creamy cheese, but the cauliflower was the winner. Perhaps just the shock of what can be done with cauliflower is what made it such a winner. I ordered another mimosa just to recover from the shock of how good it was.

For mains, we went for the Roasted Cod and Chargrilled Chicken, when it arrived the waitress apologised as it had been served with sweet potato fries instead of regular chips. Though what I explained to the very helpful waitress, is, you never need to apologise when you bring me sweet potato fries. Never, ever.

The chicken was good, but I did have slight food envy after tasting the Roasted Cod, which literally melted in your mouth, which only fish cooked to perfection can do. It was OK though, I had another mimosa and the spinach with the chicken was a buttery, garlic, dream.

Now on our fifth mimosa, we were very happy that we had stumbled across this Passo, mimosa weekend while searching through Instagram. Every course had been beyond expectations, the service was great, it was spacious and modern inside, with the wood and copper infused interior. All that was left was desserts and trust me, they didn’t even come close to disappointing.

The Panettone French Toast was like a fluffy Italian inspired bread and butter pudding, topped with a little (probably not enough) pistachio ice cream. Alongside this was the Poached Chocolate Cake, which makes you wonder, why not all cake is poached if it makes it taste this good? Of course, these were accompanied by a sixth and seventh mimosa to finish off our Passo brunch.

Passo is part of the GoodLife Project that has a number of restaurants to its name. One of those is the very popular Rum Kitchen, which is what I would like to call “Nando’s for grown-ups”. So it is clear that they have the experience and knowledge to create a good dining experience and they haven’t failed with Passo. We came for mimosas, but it was the food and service that made us stay.

#WeFollow – @Saltyluxe

We’re back for #WeFollow, the post where we get a little deeper on the pages that, you guessed it, we follow on our Instagram page. This week we are taking a look at @Saltyluxe, the Byron Bay native that in just over a year has grown a following with her pictures and blog from around the world. The 27-year-old started both the blog and Instagram after a health scare and decided life was just too short to sit behind a desk in a “normal” life.

Name / Handle

Sarah / @Saltyluxe

What Does Their Bio Say?

Sarah | Adventure & Travel ✨ ✧ A place to inspire the wanderlust in you ✧ 📍Australia 🐨 Next stop ➙ Maldives 💦 🌴 Salty Destination Guides ↡ saltyluxe.com/your-guide-to-morocco

What To Expect When You Follow?

If you have ever seen any photos from Byron Bay, you will already know that Sarah has brilliant blue seas as her back garden. So when she is already starting with those types of views, you can expect to see a lot of beautiful oceans. Then throw in trips to the Maldives, Bali, Zanzibar and road trips in California, it will make you want to go live under the sea it looks so blue! It is clear that travelling is a major passion of Sarah’s and it isn’t just blue seas, with trips to the Serengeti on safari and into the Marrakech desert showing a different side of the world. It won’t take long before @Saltyluxe has a lot more than 84K followers joining her journey across the world and perhaps it will give others the courage to take the plunge, quit their day job and travel the world!

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GoodLad Eats – Days In The East (actually the West)

When an old friend moved to London, it was decided that a few of us would get together to celebrate. Now in our early 30’s, the days of spontaneous catch-ups are behind us, these type of days need planning, careful planning. There are likely military missions that have needed less planning. Who is coming? What day? What time? What area? What budget? Should we do a bottomless brunch? So after all of this was planned out, we finally had somewhere to eat – Pizza East, Portobello Road.

Part of the Soho House & Co. collection of members bars and restaurants, Pizza East (which is open to those not lucky enough to be members) has three locations across London. The one we finally decided on, hoping to get a good Saturday day vibe was the one in Notting Hill, West London. No, it isn’t lost on me that I was headed to Pizza East, in West London.

Inside a renovated Georgian pub, set over two floors, with large windows, light blue chairs, a mix of wooden and white tiled interior. Even the grey British weather outside didn’t stop the venue from looking like a bright, Italian summer. Although in the pursuit of classic the chairs did have the strangest bum groove, which left you to figure out how to sit in it for the first ten minutes.

After we’d figured out how to sit down and let the Saturday lunchtime atmosphere wash over us, we started to settle in and catch up. There was a mix of 30-somethings and families, creating a great place to start the day. Enough noise to not feel like leaving, but not too much noise we couldn’t talk. We could then get down to the real details and ordering.

We, of course, all went for pizza, and through in some sides to balance out the table. After spending my youth working in a pizza shop and spending any travelling trip trying to find the best pizza, I know a bit about pizzas. So when the Salami piccante arrived, I knew what I was looking for and was not disappointed. A thin base that folded over just right when you tried to pick it up, toppings and a tomato sauce full of flavour, surrounded by a perfectly soft crust. The sides that balanced the table, balanced the table very well and although not intended as a side on the menu, the macaroni and cheese was some of the best. Only the wine not being served in a traditional wine glass could let the table down.

To end the lunch we shared some Salted chocolate caramel tart and Pistachio profiteroles, we had planned on sharing three but unfortunately, the Chocolate pot had run out. After a great meal, the desserts didn’t disappoint the tart was without a doubt the winner of the two. Then when you got some tart and some ice cream from the profiteroles on your spoon together. It was like a trip to heaven. All this was washed down with a good dose of limoncello, which after the bottle of wine and ciders, definitely hit the mark.

The day didn’t end at Pizza East, we headed off to find more drinks and start planning the next time we meet up. As the first of many catch-ups Pizza East proved the perfect meeting point to sit, eat pizza, drink wine and act as if we were in a good episode of The Sopranos.



#WeFollow – @Mbkimchi

So, every week, we take a look at some of the Instagram pages that #WeFollow to go a little deeper on the people or pages that we get some of the pictures you see on our Instagram. With just over 17K followers, @mbkimchi isn’t the highest profile person in the #WeFollow section, but don’t let that fool you. Some of the photos on this page are definitely worth the follow, and that 17K will soon be on the rise.

Name / Handle

Matthew Kim / @mbkimchi

What Does Their Bio Say?

MATTHEW KIM 📍 // new york, new york. 🤠 // former houstonian + austinite. 📱 // usually below 20% battery life.

What To Expect When You Follow?

Another New York native, Matthew Kim, like @Mressentialist captures the world around him with a mixture of landscape and foodie shots that capture the minor details,  stunning views and even better foods of New York. With his reviews and details on the brunch and coffee spots that he visits on a daily basis, Matthew helps guide you through New York with some great recommendations of where to hit up for your coffee fix. Alongside the brunch spots, Matthew peppers his page with the iconic brownstones of New York, making each one look just as good and recognisable as any of the films you will have seen them from.  @mbkimchi may not be the most followed profile on Instagram, but his shots definitely get a follow from us and should get one from you too.

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NME – No More Express

This week marks the end of NME as we all have known it, with the print edition of the weekly music paper coming to an end. In truth, the writing has been on the wall for a long time. There has of course been the well-reported demise of print media for a long time now, but there are many other publications that have continued to survive and even thrive. So why has the paper that was once the guardian of music within the UK been unable to survive?

A British version of Rolling Stone, NME initially grew up on writers that lived the life as much as the artists they wrote about. These accomplished writers were deep into the scene and the words they wrote were gospel to teenagers across the country. Teenagers that had no other way of finding out what new music was coming out, no streaming services, no social media and no internet. It was a different time and the times changed, NME didn’t.

It grew more digitally aware competition the likes of Noisey, Vice, SBTV, GRM Daily, HYPEBEAST and the list goes on and on. Those that were more in tune with the wave of change from rock music that NME prided itself on, towards hip-hop, R’n’B and grime. The competition understood the nature of content creation, it was making videos, it was uploading social posts and it was moving quicker than once a week. It was talking to a new audience, while NME was still talking to its old audience. That NME audience, it grew up and stopped caring about the newest single and suddenly the trailblazing NME, was playing catch-up and has been ever since.

It has been said that the end of the print edition will mark a new focus on expanding the digital arm of NME. So although this is not the end, it can’t be ignored that this is a major moment for British music press and for those, like me who grew up reading the weekly paper. When I was in High School I was actually published in NME in the letters section, complaining about the music industry releasing bonus CDs weeks after loyal fans had bought the album at release. How times have changed.